Tools Upgrade - wSQLNumResultCols failure on 64 bit Dev Machines


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Currently doing a tools upgrade: to

We have a lot of 'interesting' thing happening with the upgrade - and one of them hits a 64 bit Developer Client, in very interesting ways.

- Accept the Full Package
- Start JDE
- When JDE Opens up - get an "Error Opening F98MOQUEUE Table" error and no menu.

When looking through the half zillion lines in the JDE.LOG - they all look similar to:
7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.435000 Odbc_u1.c1114
ODB0000163 - wSQLNumResultCols failure. rc=-1

7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.435001 Odbc_u1.c1114
ODB0000164 - STMT:00 [42S02][208][2] [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'SPEC_DV900J.DBO.F98740DV900J'.

7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.435002 Odbc_u1.c1114
ODB0000164 - STMT:01 [42000][8180][2] [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Statement(s) could not be prepared.

7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.450000 Odbc_u1.c1122
ODB0000155 - SQLNumResultsCols failed. Table F98740DV900J, ODBC DSN EnterpriseOne SSELocal.

7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.450001 Jdbodbc.c3265
ODB0000027 - JDBODBC_DescribeTable failed. Table F98740DV900J.

7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.450002 Jdb_drvm.c915
JDB9900168 - Failed to initialize db request

7364/7688 MAIN_THREAD Fri Jun 17 11:07:19.466000 Jtp_cm.c1012
JDB9909007 - Unable to obtain driver request handle

.... and a whole lot more of the same with different table names ....

I do have an open ticket with Oracle - AND I was wonder if one of you could race Oracle and provide a quicker solution (afterall, you guys know how JDE really works - right??)



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This usually means that the full package did not install properly on the FAT client , more specifically the local spec repository did not get attached properly. On the FAT client inside E900\DV900\spec directory do you see the local DB files there ?

Sometimes it is an issue with the full package it self , refer to this doc for common causes.

E1: PKG: "Error Opening F98MOQUE Table" And Spec Errors After Package Deployment - Full Package Build Install (Doc ID 815754.1)

Other wise its just the local FAT client it self. Usually a reboot and reinstall of the full package has worked


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Thanks for the suggestion, ice_cube210....

I just attempted to apply the full to one of our 32bit VMS and got the exact same results - so I'm sure it is not an issue with 32 vs 64 bit machines =(

I believe we will be attempting another full package - maybe that will resolve the issue. Doc ID 815754.1 doesn't appear to be our issue - we have lots of drive space.

the \spec folder appears to be populated correctly.



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Your local DB is SSE it looks like. Do you have the 32 bit ODBC drivers installed on the FAT client ?

Also found the same errors you listed in this doc - E1: DB: Troubleshooting Issues with SSE (SQL Server Express) Local Database (Doc ID 1519511.1)

Under Section 2.1

Cause: EnterpriseOne SSELocal ODBC data source is pointing to <Deployment Server>/JDESSELOCAL instead of (local)/JDESSELOCAL.

Solution: The ODBC data source "EnterpriseOne SSELocal" needs to point to (local)/JDESSELOCAL. Also modify the ODBCDatasource.inf file on the Deployment Server to point to (local)/JDESSELOCAL:

Check if that is the case if not already done


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Long story / shortened - we've rebuilt/redeployed the Full Package (with some POCs applied) - and the issue has gone away.

Note: We are Non-Unicode, and the Tools Release expected some libraries to be Unicode (if I understood correctly).