Tools Upgrade Extednded Timeframe


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Looking for a few insights.

We are looking at doing a tools upgrade from to 'whatever' is the latest. However, we might have a extended timeframe between DV/PY and Production (possibly months). There are some timing gaps in our upcoming schedule that aren't being friendly to an expedient tools upgrade across all environments (too many spinning fish in the cyclometer)....

I realize there are some inherent changes in architecture (specifically web presentation and OMW / Spec ) that have occurred - but what I don't know is the impact of an extended upgrade path. Once we plant the most-current tools release into our DV/PY environments - what will that do to our Production Promotion/Deployment schedule (will we be able to promote to Production?).

I would expect some lengthy debate - so I'm eager to see all the simply worded "Don't Do That" responses =D




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You shouldn't really have much of an issue if you're correctly set up with multi-foundation. The CNC will either have to use a separate package build machine to build packages or use snapshot on the deployment server to move back and forth with packages. Thats the biggest issue.

PS - I bet you're surprised at the "oh, no issue" type responses !!!!!

By the way, the last "pure" in-production tools update I did for a customer, they took about 2 months to go from PY to PD for the tools release. The way I set it up, is I "disable" multifoundation in effect for the rollout to PD - ie, upgrade PD and move the DV/PY back to the original tools release - that way multifoundation is ready for the next tools release.
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We've been months on one TR in dev waiting for fixes from Oracle before applying to Prod. That was an extreme case but no issues encountered.