Tools Upgrade - Apps 9.1 - Deployment Server


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Hello list,

(This may be a silly question here but I still wanted to ask)
We are currently on TR (Apps Release 9.1) and we are thinking of upgrading to TR on our Development E1 install - while keeping the Apps level at 9.1.
I have performed a due diligence of all required certifications and install requirements. There is just 1 thing which I (probably know the answer) but would like to confirm with you folks is about the Deployment Server.

Our current installation of Deployment Server is on Windows 2008 R2. Under the MTR for Deployment Server for certification 2008R2 is not listed.
Does it mean we have to first perform a Deployment Server migration to a Windows 2012 R2 server and then perform the Tools Upgrade?

Are there any other options?



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I don't know about that, but I thought I'd pass on something I learned at the Collaborate conference from another JDE user. When upgrading to tools 9.2+, apparently Oracle has finally changed how data is stored in the security history (F9312) table, and the automated special instructions include a table conversion on this table. Unfortunately, this is stored in the SY910 schema, which is shared among ALL environments. So when you upgrade your DV environment, the TC will run on the F9312 table, but your other environments will not be updated yet. This could cause potentially serious issues. It's been a month or so since Collaborate, so maybe Oracle has come out with a way to address this. Just thought I'd give this as a heads-up to you and everyone on JDEList.


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Yes. Thanks for that reminder Don. I noticed it under the list of Table Conversions to be run in the Upgrade and Automated Special Instructions (ASI) Supplement whitepaper. I guess I can circumvent that using OCM till the time my production is upgraded.


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Technically, yes. You're supposed to perform an OS migration to a supported level that your tools release supports on both sides, and then perform the tools release update to be within Certification.

However, realistically you'll probably find that Win2008R2 works perfectly well with TR9.2.0.3 - though it isn't fully "certified". Since Microsoft has dropped Mainstream and SP support for Win2008 however (since 2013 support has been "extended" only), I would definitely think this is something you want to update. Oracle won't "certify" non-supported OS's - and since TR9.2.x came out at the end of last year, Win2008 was already unsupported by Microsoft.