Tools Button and Send Message Functionality .

Pradeep ROut

Hi ,

I have a requirement to delete / remove the standards button Tools Button which is a in Header detail form.

Could anybody suggest me how to remove/Delete the tools button.

Also i have another requirement to send an email.

I am using Text substituted message (more than 256) and HTML tags. For that purpose i used Send message Extended System function to send an email.

Problem: There is no option to provide from email address, So when email send through SEND MESSAGE EXTENDED system function, from email address always PSFT-SYSTEM.

I just want from address to be constant value (exa .

Any Idea how the system pick from address when we send an email through System function "SEND MESSAGE EXTENDED”?

How to change the from address?
For the button, go into FDA, click your form, top menu click Menu/Toolbar Exits, expand file, highlight Delete - Delete Delete :)
click OK and save

For the email use BSFN B0500725 Email Merge Letter instead
Hi John ,

Thanks For your Replay .

That is the procedure to add/Delete the buttons(like Ok,Cancell..),but this Tools button is not visible on the menu toobar exist , So how could i remove that ?

For B0500725 , Whether HTML Tag Will work ? because i need to have hyper link on this email and i have a varible text more than 256 char .

You can give any from address when you use the above Email function. Did you ever read the Development manuals?.

Hi Chan ,

Thanks for replay ,

I am using SEND MESSAGE EXTENDED system funcction to send email , there is any way to find from address ?

Could you explain me little more ?

Pradeep Rout