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Dear all,
when we bring the cursor on E1 Page Tab, so it show us the Following detail:
Rep: R42019 , Ver: ADM011

like if E1 Page Tab is for SALES ANALYSIS REPORT then "REPORT Name" and "Version" should prompt when mouse cursor move over the SALES ANALYSIS REPORT Tab.

Can any one help me please!


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Will you be please kind to explain more. I failed to understand what you are looking for !!!
thank for Reply, we have E1 Pages tabs having following configuration for Address Book.

%Address Book%

@A::Customer A/B Revision:runE1App('P01012','W01012B','ZJDEC003')
@B::Supplier A/B Revision:runE1App('P01012','W01012B','ZJDEC002')
@C::Employee A/B Revision:runE1App('P01012','W01012B','ZJDE0002')


Dear now we want when we bring the mouse over the Tab showing "Customer A/B Revision" in E1 Pages, so Report name and Version should show. i don't understand what change i have made in the above code?

Help will come only when you have Tasks Configured on E1Page.
Help will not come when you have app id's referenced.
Can you please help me how to do the Tasks Configured on E1Page. i am new in E1 Pages.

In your E1 Page .dat file, try replacing
@A::Customer A/B Revision:runE1App('P01012','W01012B','ZJDEC003')
@A:appId=P01012|version=ZJDEC003:Customer A/B Revision:runE1App('P01012','W01012B','ZJDEC003')

Then your application name and version should show when you hover over.
thanks DSauve,

i have made the following changes in E1 Pages, but still not showing.

%Sales Pricing%

@A::appId=P4092|version=ZJDE0002:define Customer Price Groups:runE1App('P4092','W4092E','ZJDE0002')

You have one too many colons after your "@A".

Line should look like:
@A:appId=P4092|version=ZJDE0002:define Customer Price Groups:runE1App('P4092','W4092E','ZJDE0002')
Thanks a lot, Dear if i just make changes in .dat file , is it work? or i need to use P982400 Application for E1 pages update if needed to use P982400 application then please guide me how to use this application. i have tried a lot but no vain.

After you make the change to the .dat file, you need to run the E1 Page Generator, which will create a new .zip file. Then go into P982400 and update the E1 Page by loading the new .zip file. This may be a simple or more complex process, depending on how you have your E1 Page configuration set. Please review Oracle Doc ID 1674258.2 for more details on updating an existing E1 Page.