E9.2 To find all components in an Orchestration


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We are trying to find an easy way to identify all the components in an Orchestration. We know there is a Dependencies feature that is somewhat like an XRef in JDE which shows where all the components are used (but available starting )

Is there a workaround to this - where we can find all the components (SREQ,FREQ,RULES etc) used within an Orchestration. I also found out that the tables used are
F9524810 - Orchestrations
F9524820 - Cross Reference
F9524830 - Rule
F9524840 - Service Request
F9524850 - Whitelist

F952425 - Notification
F952455 - Scheduler

But I am trying to find some kind of connection to all these tables so I can write up a SQL or something to get the names of all components used in an Orchestration. Has anyone done anything like this or is there any other way to get the details.

Any help will be appreciated - Thanks Sheeba