To begin with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98 Solution Explorer


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I use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98.
As I was a .Net developer, I know basics of programming and I played with one ERP software too.
I would like to know how to start up with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 8.98 Solution Explorer.
How can I create basic pages or forms by using JDE Tools.

GSI Inc.

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To start off learning E1 development tools I would buy a few books. Check out and look at their training manuals that are on that site. The best JDE manuals I have every seen. I believe there is one on ERW I, ERW II, and one on forms/applicatons and they also cover business functions, data dicionary, OMW, and so much more. This is the best way to start. And then if you have a real project for your company start by using the JDE toolset.(the best way to learn other than just playing with examples in the books.

Yes it cost, but the training and information you will get will pay for itself in the first project you have to do for your company.

Good Luck - Bobby


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Bob provides some excellent suggestions. I'll append a couple thoughts to the mix
1 - Get some formal training, basic training is a must
2 - USE THE TOOL SET - Get Assigned Projects, before anything can go stale
3 - Find a Mentor (a Person or Organization) that you can directly work with.
4 - Ask On the JDEList

On the Mentor aspect - It is very common for an organization to hire a Consultant or Organization to meet its development needs. Use those entities as your mentor. If necessary, have the contracts buffered with mentoring hours. Consider acquiring 'mentors' as a training tool. There are few opportunities to learn, that are better than asking one-on-one for direction (and best practices)....



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Hmmm.. It is OK. It is little bit promising. But I think, the site is focusing on only the business aspects of JDE. How about technical details such as creating new forms, connecting to database and all ?