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I'm having a hard time coming up with good titles although I thought of a good one this morning - contributor - but that sounds too sales-ish.

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I agree with you, "contributor" really sounds too sales-ish.
On the other hand, could be hard to find its real place in the rank.
What about the ranges?

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0 - Bay Watch
25 - Starter
50 - Junior
100 - Member
400 - Senior
750 - Writer
1000 - Life Saver
1500 - Guru
2500 - Dalai Lama
5000 - Taelon

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c - 250+ lb

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Please bear with me and let me some question, observation, suggestion.

1.) Why are the first letters capitalized in the "Senior Member" title while they are not in all of the other titles (e.g. "old hand")?
Please Eric, capitalize the first letter(s) everywhere or nowhere. Could it be implementable?

2.) What does it mean "Taelon"? (Adrian, are you there?)

3.) Please, do not assign and suggest such type of titles like "Life Saver", "Guru", "Dalai Lama", ("Taleon"???), etc.
In my honest opinion the titles have to express just only the activity on the Forum/List but not the usefulness and/or quality of the posts. The listener/reader can judge usefulness anyhow.
You know, quantity vs quality.
I have read many times very-very valuable, useful and sophisticated posts on the Foru/List from girls and guys, who rarely make post on the Forum/List but that time often give a great help in complex issues/situations to the issue originator. Maybe they are "gurus", although they counter are not so high, but their post worth much more than their scores. Please, let me do not list their names. You should know whom I am thinking of, you can easy guess it.
You know, you seldom hear the sound of a wise but that time it is worth for you to listen to her/him.

4.) Eric, is it implementable to change the titles retrospectively in the posts too after this "Titles" issue will be fixed and closed?
I hope it but I am a bit afraid it isn't.

Thanks your attention and patience,


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


I believe that the Titles are fixed. Sorry Sally, I couldn't come up with a way to turn them off quickly and efficiently. We may change them again in the future but this is way down on the To Do list. Right now our biggest challenge is getting rid of Majordomo so that the Forum can do all mail processing.

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Eric: this title thing has really gotten carried away; you'll never get this many folks to agree. I was hoping to save you the grief if they were easy to eliminate. No big deal, I have put in my $.02 worth and feel like I've been heard. I'm sure you have better things to do, and did not need a second full-time job! And let me say "thanks" for all your hard work in administering this list.

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Just one quick point on this..
How exactly would you shut them up? What's to stop someone posting a message and then replying to themselves 2499 times to become the JeDE Master or whatever title is assigned?

Personally, I judge people on what they have said in areas that I'm interested in, and so have grown my respect, or people that I already know is this relatively small industry sector.

I think the image link is the best idea, as it can help to remember someone (visual mnemonic), if they happen to use it.