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Tips/Traps - Using Data Selection from a Section


Legendary Poster
Here's another "fun / NOT!" trap I found myself, just the other day....

Many of us choose to use the "Use Data Sel/Seq from a Section" System Function - to copy one sections Data Selection to another.... Until recently, I never had a problem with it.

Then, the other day I appended some Internal Data Selection to the Parent Section - Using Event Rules (Set Selection...).... I noticed, that the Subsequent's Selected Data did not match that for the source (WTH???). Once I copied the Source Sections ER based Data Selection into the Child - Hell Froze Over and things were all Play-Nice, again!

Now, I hadn't experienced this before - so I don't really know if it was 'just moi' or some random trantrum from the God of Nano - so, your mileage may vary.



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Hi mate

What order did you write the code?
Copied DS then Use Data Sel from a section?

Like this?
Set Selection Append Flag(<Yes>)
Set User Selection(BC Item Number - Short (F4211)(ITM), <Equal To>, "278846", <And>)
Use Data Sel/Seq from a Section(R574211B|GTS0001, RS GDPR Scrabbing personal details/emails F0111 F4211 BSVW, <BOTH Sel & Seq>)

I've 2 sections
1 over F0111 and F42119
1 over F0111 and F4211

I want them both to follow the same DS and I'm struggling
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