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Hello all

I was just wodering how people who support global systems get around the timezone issue...

We have sites in the U.K, the U.S and in China. We are in the process of moving to Web client (via Windows 2008 RemoteApp) and I have noticed that in a Web environment your transactions will be updated with the timestamp of the server where your BSFN's are running. This could potentially cause problems as a U.S user will be updating records using U.K time which could causes the BI upload to get confused. I guess the easy way around it all is to have a Batch Server and a BSFN server for each timezone in use, but that seems a bit overkill to me. Any one have any nice ways around this issue?

Thanks in advance


8.10, SQL 2005 (Intel)

Chan Rana

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One workaround is to setup timezone for Branch plants and then use UTC time to calculate local time.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for your reply, Would that mean quite a lot of developmemnt to the Objects? Do you know of any Docs on the Oracle site which explain how to set that up?