Is there a way to automatically update the time on computers when they log
OneWorld uses the client time when updating files and it occaisionally
causes problems when the client time is wrong. For example, right now the
clock on One of Our User is about 1 day behind. This has resulted in pounds
that were packed this morning being posted to yesterday instead of today.
I wonder if there's a way to fix the problem.
Thanks in Advance

B7322,SP 12.2 AS400, WINNT 4.0 SQL 7.0
XE in Dev update1 SP 15


The user doesn't actually need to have local admin rights to set their time,
none of ours does, but they do need to have rights to change the time/date
on their local machine.

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are you logging into an NT Domain. if so use a net
time command to sync with your pdc. then just ensure
your nt and as400 are on the same time.
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Put this in the startup of the Client computer. The \\<name> is the Windows
Machine that will be read to set the time. This should work on 95/98/NT/2K.
I use this to sync all of my servers to my Enterprise Server.

net time \\quickiees1 /set /y0 (NT COMMAND)
net time \\quickiees1 (WIN2000 COMMAND)

\\quickiees1 is the name if my Enterprise Server, just change it to whatver
your machine name is.


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William “Brian” Wilkinson
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