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I have a client (former employer) who is in the process of liquidating
their assets (bankruptcy), and I have been tasked with this: they currently
have three servers, an enterprise, deployment and citrix box. They want to
get rid of one or two of the servers so they call sell them off. Now I know
this would be totally against JDE standards and practices, but they are just
looking to survive at the moment. Has any one the deployment machine and/or
the citrix box off of the enterprise machine? I would think that it was
possible to run the deployment 'server' on the enterprise box since that
what the demo jr. (standalone) basically does. Any ideas of on this?

They are running: OneWorld 733.2, SP13.1, SQL7, NT, WTS/Metaframe 1.8


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I had a training class from JDE in Chicago where they had a single enterprise/deployment server. They specifically said this is an unsupported setup and in the instructors words: do as we say, not as we do.
So an enterprise/deployment box will work. I don't know how, just I have seen it work.
Putting best practices aside for the moment, I still don't think you are going to be able to get Citrix installed on the same server as well since you have a separate local installation of JDE to publish and you will have your deployment environments on this same box. I'm guessing that aside from the path code conflicts you will probably have registry conflicts as well since you have two separate application paths. Then you have the other question of whether the JDE services will even install and function on a TSE box.
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B73.3.2 SP 11.1_UPKG, NT SP6a, MS-SQL 7.0 SP2, WIN2K/Metaframe 1.8a SP2/FR1 & Fat

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You cannot do it because you cannot install Client on the Ent and the
Deployment is out of the question.
Can you put Citrix on a standard workstation until the economic get out of
the black hole.

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wow John

Sounds like they are in serious financial trouble if they need to recoup - what - $1000 per box to survive as a company ?

You cannot do this. It is neither supported nor a good idea since there are so many issues involved that for this company- it would cost them more money in consulting fees to fix. If they are that far gone then how are the auditors going to prevent debtees from taking the assets ? Maybe you could sell the machines and lease new ones instead from Dell ?

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They are big boxes, the nicest ones of the company (HP Netservers), all
quad-way with gigs of ram. Since there are not many users, I have convinced
them to just get rid of the citrix box and use all fat clients. As for
moving the deployment functionality over to the enterprise box..don't know
about that - I am going to voice my concerns and those of the lists about
the practicality of the move.
They are under control of the courts since they are in bankruptcy and I
think they are looking for the least amount of hardware to run keep JDE up.
I will let you know what comes up..and thanks to all for the input.