The Static Text can be displayed on the FAT screen but can not on Web Screen.


Hi the member of JDE List

I am working on the E1 upgrade project from ERP8 (FAT) to E1 9.1 (Web).

There is an Add-on screen program which run A > B > C after hitting Push Button in a series of the process.
And the program shows the status of the process to the Static Text so that the user can know what process is proessing now like

'A is processing'
'B is processing'
'C is processing'

We was able to show the text based on the status of the process in ERP8 (Fat version) but can't in E1 9.1 (Web) (only Completed (Last message)' is returned to the screen).

Does anyone know how to achieve the same process in E1 9.1 (Web)?
Are A, B, and C UBEs (reports/batch programs)?

If so then the issue most likely is that on older (prior to 8.9) versions of JDE you could run/submit a job "synchronously" from a fat client application and the application would wait for the job to complete before proceeding to the next statement.

In today's WEB environments that is no longer allowed - UBEs must be submitted Asynchronously from an Application - the application no longer wait for the Job to complete.

Some people here will tell you the way to do what you want is to monitor the job's progress in the F986110 table. Search the forums for "F986110" and JobID and you'll find posts related to that.

I don't like doing that - done improperly you can hang a user's session and chew up web server cpu. I prefer to tell the user "Tough. Go check the job status yourself!" :)
to my knowledge, no.

JDE's Web implementation is fairly static. It doesn't do a good job of refreshing itself - there has to be some sort of trigger mechanism that says "Refresh Me!"...

You could embed Java Script in an object, that tells the screen to refresh at a specific frequency - but, the request is really outside the typical Form Logic, per design.

I have, on several occasions tried to create a test application that does this - poll some async running process and present the current status to the user. I have not been able to figure out anyway to do this w/o embedded Javascript. There is an old thread that discusses this where WhippingBoy sums up the pro's and con's of using Javascript to accomplish this. I really wish Oracle would give us some sort of timer control and/or event. They probably haven't because of all the issues that might arise from it but it would be useful just the same.
Hi all, thank you for all of your reply. I am interested in Text Block Control with Javascript and reating a test program. I'll post here once I've get it done.
Hi all,

when i have done this kind of thing i use a simple sleep function to wake up after X seconds (proc option). This will refresh the search and show (in this case) the correct text status (by inspecting the relevant job details in F986110). As always though you have to think what advantage to the user is having this "real-time" info, the end result is what matters I assume and for this they can have simple inquiry which shows latest results.