The effects of changing Person Responsible (RPER) in the F43008 - PO Approval Route


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I came across a case, to change Person Responsible (RPER) from Old Person(say AN8 = 111) to a New Person (say AN8 = 999).
He was responsible for about 60 projects in F43008. So if I use P43008, I should go to 60 records, then edit the line manually.
Instead, I just accessed the database directly, replaced the Old Person with New Person for the said 60 project.

Now, everything is done. But I see some issues in the orders. For some orders, the Old Person get a list of pending orders in P43081 (Orders Awaiting Approval) with 'Queued for Approval' selected, also the Row -> Status Summary says it is pending with the Old Person. But when he goes inside, all the line of the order having 'Approved' status, and the Form-> Approve button is disabled.

I am totally confused, there is no automatic triggers in the database table ? Any body, please advise to find out what is really happened.


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You really shouldn't be doing direct database updates in JDE. It's not a mom and pop system.

If you want to customize this system, and I strongly encourage you not to customize this aspect (future upgrades, etc), then at least hire a developer to use the debugging tool to determine all of the logic the system uses when you manually update a route. Find the logic, determine any follow on actions, conditional checking, etc, and then create a mod for it.

Like many other JDE customers, I have asked for this functionality but so far they haven't included it. Perhaps I should ask again. Now that I think about it, the functionality I asked for was the ability to delegate for a period of time, not bulk update.

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You can transfer approval authority from one person to another. You might do this if a person leaves the company or takes an extended vacation. When you transfer approval authority, the system permanently
changes all approval routes on which the person currently exists.