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The Coexistence PTF X2


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How long does the Coexistence X2 PTF take to run ?
Robert Fletcher
OneWorld 7332 15.1
AS400 V4R4



If you have a rather large F0911 file, in our case it was about 30gig, look
for your PTF to run awhile. The X2 PTF puts about an additonal 28 logical files
for the F0911. It also depends upon how fast your system is, because most of it
is the build for the logicals. Just to give you an idea, when we ran the PTF it
ran about 30hrs total, which includes the New File build, we cut that in half by
purging a bunch of records, when we went to production, when we finally got the
approval from our finance dept. Hope this helps.......................

Brian Kamps
Tech Specialist
AS/400 V4R5 B7332

rfletche <rfletche@bru-hub.dhl.com> on 08/27/2001 10:41:38 AM

AS/400 V4R5 B7332 live AP/GL, XE/test