That iSeries SQL Server Mode - Huh?


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The Lazy story, without all the factuals (just what I've gathered from searches)....

SQL Server Mode (SSM) became a 'requirement' on the iSeries - when the Metadata storage came into fruition. Prior to Metadata, SSM was only required for third party tools - such as Vertex... Then, in the most-recent Tools Releases - SSM is no-longer a requirement, as something was reengineered to remove SSM as a requirement for Metadata. AND - if you use Vertex, SSM is still a requirement (so, I'd guess that EVERYONE has SSM turned on???).

My understanding is that SSM places the database in something called 'Sequential Mode', and this is not the 'traditional' database design... but, I have not come across a clear definition of what SSM really is..

My understanding is that Metadata Fetches are quicker, when SSM is off - but I can't find any validity stating that. The responses that I get are that performance improves - but no stats or reason why.

Anyone have some formal knowledge on SSM that can educate a few of the curious?


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