Text Block Control - Insert Image from Network Drive or Address


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Wondering if anyone has had much success with calling forward an image from a website or a network drive into a Text Block Control?

I've been reviewing some other solutions and possible routes to do this - seems like the best way is to throw the image (ex: http://example.com/image.png) into a div tag like the following...

<div> <img width=150 height=100 src="http://example.com/image.png"> </div>

I am not having much success with this - the control just yields the HTML vs. actually displaying the image as desired. Anyone had any luck with this?


Do u mean accessing images from network drive in HTML or anything like that? Or u mean adding images from the drive into text block control? In this case you can find a youtube video about that, it's been realeased on 2019 but I don't remember the channel's name. But you can also follow this guide:
  1. Click Add Content in any Content Block. If you don't have any Content Blocks available, click Add New Row to add a row of Content Blocks.
  2. Select Text from the menu and enter a Title for the Content Block.
  3. Click Insert Files or Insert Images and choose From Google Drive.
  4. Select your files or images. To upload multiple files hold down the CTRL button and click the files, click Select, then Click Save when done.
  5. Click Done Editing and Click Update Published.
I also highly recommend you to work with an image resize in order to make images a suitable to text block control. Just don't make it huge plz.