Terminal Server without CITRIX


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Hi List,

Does anyone use TSE on its own without CITRIX in production ?

I know the ICA protocol helps further thin down the bandwidth required
and enables load balancing etc - but has anyone gone with straight TSE ?

Standard terminal server gives you a complete desktop, does anyone know
of a way to 'publish' an application (i.e. OneWorld) so that just that
app is launched as oppose to a full desktop ?

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In User Manager for Domains you can set an application to run at logon. This will have the same effect as a single published application for the user. However any time a user with this setup attempts to log on to ANY terminal server it will attempt to run this program. So if you use TS for other things this is not a solution for you.

You can also define an application to run when you create a connection on the client connection manager on the local computer side. You can then create multiple icons on the desktop that will launch different remote applications on the specified terminal server(s) without the above mentioned problem. This is a poor man's rendition of the Citrix application publishing and takes alot more management from the sys admin but it works for small implementations.

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There is a plugin which can downloaded from the Citrix website, www.citrix.com, which
can be used instead of a standard Citrix thin client. The plugin is run as a url from
- in our case - a Netscape browser.
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andy_smith wrote:



From everything I've seen there isn't a way to publish an app through
standard TSE, it's a Citrix feature. I believe you can do it from 2000, but
not NT. Pulished Apps and the ICA protocol are the two biggest reasons to
use Citrix.
If you're using TSE 4.0 now, maybe you should compare the cost of
Metaframe to the cost of an upgrade to 2000 Server.

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