Terminal Server Locking Up


Has anyone run into the problem when having approx 20+users on the citrix that
will get the error "There has been a problem with the server. You must exit
this aplication all the way to the menu and restart it.". This has been
happening within order entry. I have found a few calls in the KG that talk
about this and with the callobj kernals but am looking for any assistance. We
are scheduled to go live this weekend and this is not looking good. Any
direction would be most appreciative.

Karen Ronspies

OneWorld Xe, SP 15.1_009, Update 1, CO on AS400 (V4R5), 4 TSE for 50 users

Karen Ronspies
Variform, Inc.
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what's your TS config. Usually when this happens it's b/c you've reached
your max on the TS...or so I'm told. W've been able to get up to 30 users
on a PIII/833 w/ 2g of ram. If I remember correctly we might have 2 CPU's
in it too.

Jeremey Garcia
Xe SP14 ES - AS/400 CO - AS/400 Deploy - NT Citrix



We used to get that problem and it was always in conjunction with a jdenet timeout issue.

We increased the JDENETTimeout parameter to 600 in the client ini file. This is in the [NETWORK QUEUE SETTINGS] section.

We do not seem to have the problem anymore.

Hope this helps

Tony Watson
CNC Admin
Tradlink Pty Ltd

Xe , SP16.1, Update 2
Sun/Solaris, Oracle
WTS 2000