Terminal Server / Citrix and JDE.INI


From: "Roy, David"
To: "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
Subject: Terminal Server / Citrix and JDE.INI

One of our major issues is the handling of the local Print Que. directory.
We use Citrix over Terminal Server with the TSProfiles configured on a file
server and have found that the JDE.INI file is overwritten with every full
package wiping out the local print Que. directory setting.

Is anyone using the "Synchronize user INI" TS INI Reg. Setting to prevent
overwrites: ?
I'm wondering if the PrintQueDirectory setting will be updated with a blank.

INI Files
For MetaFrame:
where inifile is the name of the INI file (for example, if the INI file name
for an application is Prog1.ini, inifile is Prog1):
Windows 16-bit application 0x4
Windows 32-bit application 0x8
Synchronize user INI file to system version 0x40
Do not substitute user WINDOWS directory 0x80
The "Synchronize user INI file to system version" bit, when set, adds new
entries from the system master INI file when the application is started, but
does not delete any existing data in the user's INI file. The default action
if this bit is not set is to overwrite the user's INI file if it is older
than the system master INI file.
The "Do not substitute user Windows directory" bit, when set, retains the
\SystemRoot directory for file paths in the INI file when the system master
version of the INI file is copied to the user's \Windows directory. The
default action if this bit is not set is to replace all paths to the
\Windows directory with the path to the user's \Windows directory.

David Roy

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