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I need some instructions on how to check out some modified objects on terminal server instead of a building and deploying a package. Can someone tell me the steps to do this.

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You cannot check out objects on a Terminal / Citrix Server. Are you using a W environment on your servers? When we need something urgently on one of our Terminal Servers, we build and deploy a package to the Enterprise Server and then temporarily allow JITI so the TS can pull down the specs for the new/changed object.

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Create the NT-Group OWDEVELOPER on the TS you want to check out
Put your NT-Profile in it.
You are ready to check out.

This setup allows you also to start all other Development Programs =
Design) that usually gives you the "... not allowed on Terminal Server. =
not attempt this again" error.

I think I don't need to tell you, but anyway:
Be sure you're alone on the server when you do the checkout to avoid
possible data corruption.


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