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Template design questions


I have resolved all my configuration issues with BI Publisher and JDE. However, I have a couple Template Design questions:

1. Fields where the value should not show based on another field.
2. Fields whose format (numeric and date) need to be formatted in a certain way based on another field
3. Repeating tables that could have sub tables underneath. Example: In expense Reports, a Detail Line (Repeating Table) could have one of 2 types of sub tables underneath it:
___a. Per diem (Custom Section added). This is a fixed table with location and 3 different per diem amounts
___b. Detail descriptions of the expense (could be one or more lines)

If you have any ideas on how to resolve these, it will be greatly appreciated.
Hi Patrick,

Have you looked at the "Oracle® XML Publisher
Core Components Guide" for the version of the Desktop XML Publisher installed. It is a good resource on defining templates. There is a section on conditional formatting as well as many other advanced formatting topics.

I don't recall if the guide installed when I installed the desktop software or if I had to download it.

There is also a section on defining groups. I have done several templates where I have nested word tables and each table has a group defined within it.



I have look at that document before and I find it sorely lacking. Maybe it is the way my mind thinks, but when I read it, all I see is "do it" not "how to do it".