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tecnical problem


My name is Dimos Zografos and i am working for SOFTECON S.A. in the
developmet department.Today an error occured in our system (OneWorld Xe) by
selecting "Enterprise receipt by P.O." in Purchasing (P4312).To be more
specific when we pressed on OK button the screen stood still so asked the
administrator to cancel the job in order to continue.After we logged on
OneWorld and tried to re-enter in this application,nothing happened except
an error message which poped up on the screen:

"The transaction is reserved for update by {name of the user} in application
P4312 using {key,receipt number,document type,company}

Unfortunately we have not the slightest idea about what is going wrong.I
would appreciate if anyone could give some ideas.

Thank you in advance.


Try running P00095 and deleting whatever you find there.


XE SP_15 Update 1 Oracle 8.1.7 HP-UX 11i Win200 Deployment. Experience in other realeases and platforms


Look in Business Object Reservations (P00095) to verify the object is
reserved. If the user no longer has the PO open, delete the reservation.