Technical vs functional


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Hello there.
I just wondering how you guys measure if the support call is tech or functional related.?
Usually I see if issue related to security/ new patch impact is tech.
But if program behave differently due to setup/ process by user is functional.

Any thoughts or feedback will be appreciated.
First I analyze the error message attached to the Service Request. That will usually drive the determination whether functional vs. technical support is required. If there is not an error message then the description of the system behavior will usually allow me to make the determination.
Thanks AL.
I give an example.
One vendor did not get picked in create payment group. Somehow vendor control status was changed and that was the reason.
User said they did not changed. But somehow was changed.
To find why and how status changed is functional or technical?

Note it happened couple times so you can not log or replicate the issue.
Sometimes it could be both. Let me give an example. There are bugs sometimes related to payee control (such as 18696222) and these are found when you research an issue. So these have a technical ending to the story and the application is fixed after you load the ESU. But when an element of a record changes and thereby causes a voucher not to be selected, it could be that someone made a change to the vendor address book record thereby causing the issue and this is has a functional basis. If you track the specific details of some of these issues I am certain you will find the reason(s). I often hear users claiming they "did not change a record" only to find that not to be the case under examination. In your case I would analyze all of the users who are able to make changes to the "field" in question and conduct testing where you monitor their activity. In some cases the application is working as desired it is just a matter of the users gaining a greater understanding of how it operates.
Thanks AL
Just another question, Does technical person suppose to know how to create payment, setup employees etc. If yes I'm very week on that.
Some of the process are very easy to understand and replicate. Best way is to watch user/functional do the steps, note them and replicate. Reading manual do help though.

Hi Adeel. Typically the Technical Resource does not need to know the functional application steps. Usually I make sure the there is a Functional "user" from the "business" who along with the Technical Resource and together they combine their knowledge to resolve issues. It would be very impractical for the Technical Resource to know all of the application functionality. But during the process of working together, each person acquires some of the knowledge from the other person. But the user from the business side "owns" the applications and seeks help from the Technical Resource to the extent that the issue relates to a technical element. Hope this helps!