Technical Foundation license - what to do?


Hi folks - I'm sure you are well aware that Oracle's technical support for IBM products will end after Sept. 30, 2016 (Announcement here: .

For those of you who are under this license, what did you do or planning to do? Are you buying support from IBM? If so, how will this work since some like us does not have existing IBM products? Do we need to buy new licenses (for example we use Websphere App server ND) and support subscription from IBM?

Or did you convert your license to Oracle Technology license? Did it end up costing your company more?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Thanks Al - is there an indication that this is the case? I can foresee that if I ask my Oracle rep for sure he'll push for us to migrate our license to Oracle Technology license.
You can upgrade your IBM products if you want before expire and do nothing.
I don't see any issue with IBM since 5 years so you should be fine.
You can take IBM support when you do your full upgrade.
Thanks Adeel - IBM reseller told us that we can't get support subscription if we don't purchase new websphere licenses which kinda suck so we may not have a choice but to convert to Oracle Technology foundation license.
After reading about this, I heard from one of my Oracle reps to talk about my options. After I suggested this was a scare tactic force blue stack users to red stack, my rep went out of her way to assure me that was not the case. As we all know, sales people are not to be trusted. ;)
As I said you don't need support as I did not see any issues with IBM product in my 6 years experience