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Tax Amount in F4311


Hi All,

I have to print Tax Amount thru Cognos reports and not sure which field in F4311 hold the tax amount.
I could find FTN1 in F4311 holds value for few PO lines and not sure why it is not tracking for all POs.

Can some one guide me on this?

JDE Developer, JDE E1 9.0

Marcia HR

Active Member
The tax amount is not stored in the F4311. Before it is received, when you see the tax amount displayed on reports and applications, it is a calculated amount using the business function B4001090 Tax, Calculate for Sales and Purchasing.


VIP Member
Hi Vineeth.

If I remember correctly, you also have to consider TX field to know if the item is taxable or not. Please refer to the standard Purchase Order print (R43500) to know how the business function B4001090 is used.