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Tabular Section & Total Comparison


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I can't seem to figure out how (or if) I can do this with a Tabular Section on a report. The report itself is quite simple, just doing a tabular report to show amount vouchered (gross amount) for a vendor within a date range. Everything works just fine and now I want to compare the $ amount that I am getting (via the automatic totalling that occurs with a tabular at the level break) to a processing option so that I can "print just those vendors with a $ amount greater than X". I can't use Data selection because that is going against each detail line as it is gathering the total and Event Rules on the tabular section DO allow me to "do things" (like populate a text variable) based on the total value but I can't seem figure out how to compare this value to the processing option so it doesn't print the line if it is "less than" the processing option. (it seems really simple!). I realize that I can probably do this with a Columnar Report and use Level Breaks and event rules on them to accomplish but it would make the report a bit more complex. Am I missing something?

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Actually doing what you want is easy ... in a reportwriter such as Crystal.

Maybe I'm wrong (somebody tell me if I am) but as far as I know, to do what you want in a UBE would require you to use a work table with a lot of code and data I-O.


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Hi ssolberg,

I guess you can do that with tabular reports too...
This is what I tried out before I gave an answer to you...See if thats what u were trying to do.

I created a tabular report attaching some BV. Included an Open amount field in the report and sequenced and sorted by Address Number. What I get is sum of Open amount accumalated for a particular address #. I took values from Processing options say amount = 1000. I used this values in the program to compare with the open amount i get and if that was less that the PO value I don't print that line.

I hope thats what you are trying to do.

Solution is to write event rules in Do Tabular Break and Do section using system functions Hide Section, Show section and Suppress Section Write.

I guess by now you must have found out the solution yourself.

Let us know how u managed it.

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You know, I actually HAVEN'T solved the "problem". I was quite sure I had tried what I think you are suggesting so I started over and think I am close. I put this set of events on the Do Tabular Break of the section:

If BC Amount - Gross (F0411) is less than or equal to PO POAmount
Hide Section
Show Section
End If

I am assuming the "Gross (F0411)" is the TOTAL of the column (not the detail). It "appears" to be working except for some reason it doesn't want to print the FIRST supplier's information even though I know it meets the criteria. This supplier prints when I don't have any particular criteria. You mentioned another System function (Suppress Section Write?) that I'm not aware of. Any hints?


I guess it's working for me. Just tried a quick report to try it out. But as JDE says preview results might not always be correct, so......

Do check out the data selection or PO values attached of the version u are trying to run.

Another case u have to consider is if the very first record does not match ur condition and u do a Hide section. In that case ur column headings will not get printed. But I think that can be taken care of.

You can use Suppress Section Write Sys function in Do Section and remove the Hide , Show condition from the Do tabular break.