Tabular report - Force Data Row to display


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I'm working on a statutory financial report for an overseas division and they want one section to look like this:

1. Widgets
2. Gadgets
3. Gizmos

The above 3 sections are all data rows with data selection. My issue is that if the data selection on "2. Gadgets" doesn't have any data for the period then it doesn't show up on the report. I need to always have these rows display, even if no data is returned. Is this possible?
Not sure but why not set a record found flag in the DO and ask what it is in the END.
If it's blank then show whatever exception info you want by calling a custom conditional section....?
Where does the list itself come from?
(Create a table or UDC to) drive the report from that list itself. Call your other section that does the calculation conditionally for each value as data selection, and update global variables on the driving section.
You will need to consider that values outside of your list would not be included automatically.

Or as I think John suggested, you could just have a parallel read on your list running, and if a value is skipped then print an exception line conditionally.
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I found what I was looking for this morning.

I opened up the properties for my tabular section and went to the "Financial Row Reports" tab. Under that there is a setting for "Zero Row Suppression" that was set to hide zero rows. Changed it to "No Zero Row Suppression" and now my report does what I want. Thanks for John and David for the ideas.