E9.2 Tables Relation of reports by process queue JDE 9.2


Hello, can someone help me by indicating the tables where the possible relationship of reports by process queue is located, in the organization we use JDE 9.2

Kim Schmidt

Active Member
Hi, if you're looking for where the queue for a report version is kept, it is unfortunately kept in a TAM file, not in a database table. But you can use the business function "VersionListLocalLookup" (X983052) run on a fat client to extract it.


You can use the JDE Cross Reference Facility to get object to object relationships. However, you will need to run the job to build all the necessary tables. CNCs usually build the Cross Reference Facility in PY or DV servers because of the space these tables take. Building the Cross Reference Facility tables in PD is not a good business practice. Nonetheless each business is different. Below is the link to the JDE 9.2 Cross Reference Facility Guide.