Table IO Works on FAT Client but Not Enterprise


I have a custom application that I've written and all of the table IO works flawlessly on the FAT client web environment, but when deployed to the Enterprise server (in test) none of the inserts or updates work. Here's one example of the code. I've never encountered something like this in the 70+ projects that I've worked on, but I imagine I'm just missing something simple. Thank you for any leads!

VA evt_ValueOf0_ROQI = 0
If FC Quantity on Hand is greater than or equal to <Zero>
F554312.Fetch Single
If SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
End If
If SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
Get Audit Information
VA evt_ValueOfADJ_NSTA = "ADJ"
VA evt_QtyOnHandPrimary_PQOH = [FC Quantity on Hand]-[FI mnQtyOnHandPrimaryUn]
Get Next Unique Key ID
FI mnQtyOnHandPrimaryUn = FC Quantity on Hand
End If
End If
#1 - Table definitions/specs have been deployed?
#2 - Are there missing permissions for this table on the Oracle side (not native to JDE but applied by Oracle DBA)
#3 - Does the table actually exist in the Database?

I have another possibility to add to Larry's (though I'm not sure about #3 if the IO does work from a fat client). Is the database being access by the same user or at least with the same JDE system user (Database user)?
Thank you for the suggestions!! I'm going to iterate through the list today and see if any lines apply. If so I'll post back so that others in the future see what the resolution was.
Why don't you look at the jde.log on Server that might have useful info in it?.

If you have made a recent change to one of the tables, you might need a cache cleared on the web. I've run into this issue a few times after a package build. A call to CNC usually clears it right up.