Table F00166...

Ricardo Paz

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Hi list...
Any body has an idea of where the F00166 has to be, I've checked all places
(under my pc also) and it seems that table doesn't exist, but the JDE.log is
showing this:

700/488 Wed Oct 17 10:31:45 2001 jdb_rst.c2294
JDB9900318 - Failed to find table information in TAM using RDB

700/488 Wed Oct 17 10:31:45 2001 jdb_rst.c329
JDB9900299 - Failed to create global table specs for F00166

700/488 Wed Oct 17 10:31:45 2001 jdb_rst.c1099
JDB9900307 - Failed to find table specifications

700/488 Wed Oct 17 10:31:45 2001 jdb_rq1.c1453
JDB3100007 - Failed to get valid table specifications

This happened after SP 16.1

OW B73.3.2 SP 16.1 / NT 4.0 Sp 6a/ SQL 7.0 (XE and Win2000 soon)

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This is an Xe table that does not exist in B733.2. JDE's recommendation:
upgrade to Xe! Duh!

I'm actually planning to just create this table by pulling the specs off
Xe-standalone. I've already had to do this for several tables and BSVW's.



That file is an XE file and if I read correctly you are on B7332.

Being on sp16 it is expecting the file. JDE will say the messages don't
worry about but it's kind of tough to troubleshoot around.

I received the specs from a friend and created the file and all is well.

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It's in the Business data in all environments on my machine...


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