Table conversions 733 on AS/400 vs XE on a diff platform

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I've had to write several TCs to produce .txt files, on the network,
from JDE on an AS/400.

When trying to do these, I've run into the following issues:

Losing ALL event rules when I tried to redirect the output.
AS/400 not being able to "see" shared network drives
Data selection w/in the TC not consistently working
Can't get P/OPTS to pass values into the TC

I've learned, from this list, that my best bet was to write
them as a 2step process, a UBE report creating a custom
JDE like file (on the 400), and a TC that copies from the
400 to the shared drive. This has worked well (for the most

I'm getting the chance to do similar code in XE on an HP.

Have TCs improved from 7.33 to XE?
Which "features" still exist in XE?
Do other platforms have a problem w/shared drives?
Am I still best to write these as 2step process?
What other issues should I watch out for?


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