Table Conversion


I'm using stand alone OW XE demo version running on windows xp.

Here's what I am trying to do:

- Populate a Z file from an access database.

I've followed the instructions as per the manual.
I think i've created everything correctly because I can
actually see the foreign table and able to map it.

But when I run it i get a
"Job did not finish successfully." error message
TCE009163 - JDB_Getpassword failed,
TCE009165 - Failed to initialize UBEVar
error msgs in the Jde.log file.

Anyone out there had the same thing?


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It sound like the problem that you must enter a password when you sign on to the demo and are going to use the Table Conversion Tool. It doesn't matter what password you use just type something in.

Bregards, John

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Christian Audet

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As stated in the JDEdwards training manuals :

"If you are working in a standalone environment, be sure to use a password (any characters) when signing onto OneWorld. Table Conversions look for a password and may fail if one has not been entered."

Christian Audet

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