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Table Conversion using Foreign Table


Hi everyone

I was busy developing a table conversion with a foreign table as input and JDE f0101z2 as output. The data source for the SQL server table was created and I can see the table on TC mappings. There are three data types on the SQL table, namely, int, number and nvarchar.

When I try to map the input table fields with the output table fields, the data types are not the same. The int and number data types are fine. The nvarchar has changed once viewed through JDE table conversion. The data type is now Binary ?!?!.

Can anyone help me solve this problem as I have tried numerous ways of mapping the input to output fields and I haven't been able to fix this problem. JDE doesn't seem to identify data type NVARCHAR and the source system database tables have many instances of this data types.

Please help.

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Hi Babs,
It could be helpful in your getting a competent reply if you added System Configuration & Foreign table info.
I'll be assuming you already created the Input Environment & mandatory OCM entries, too.
And I hope you are aware the JDE datatypes do NOT include nvarchar; they DO include however the Character OR Binary :)
If you look into any Data Dictionary Item's DataType field you'll find them.
Did you try to use the String (of size 1, eventually) instead of nvarchar?
Warm regards,

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