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Table Conversion to transfer address book after creation in one environment


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I need to copy the address book (F0101, F0111) created on PA812 environment to PB812 environment.

I'm planning to call the TC in the post button clicked event of the OK button of the address book creation application in PA812.
I will pass the AN8 to TC.

This will work ? As far as I know, we need to deploy and run the TC in the destination environment ( I did this before to transfer F0911 records).
And what type of conversion should I choose: which one suites perfectly for my requirement.
Data Conversion, Data Copy or Data Copy with Table Input.
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Great !

I have created the custom TC and deployed (only to PA812). And it works fine for my user ( SYSADMIN role).

But it gives error while running with end users role. They have access to PA812, but they don't have access to PB812.

So what kind of access should I give to end users on PB812.

Note: I have added the PB812 to the "Environments" of the user role, and now it works fine.
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Hi Larry,

One more thing.
As far as I know, there will be no output in View Job status.
So how the use can confirm the data transferred. I cannot give access of PB812.

I guess, I need to prepare a supporting application to show the records transferred. Right ?


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Oops sorry, didn't read your requirements thoroughly.
R98403* is not a solution for end users. Its way to powerful to allow that.
In addition they run only on fat (Developer/Admin) clients.

So ... bad advice on my part