Table conversion, quotes, and csv files


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.

We have a new table conversion that reads in a comma delimited file and writes entries to the F0411Z1 and F0911Z1. We do this alot, but this particular new TC is having an issue.

Its set up to receive a comma delimited file. The csv file is saved by another process and the values in the file are comma delimited but also have double quotes around most of the values. If we save the file and force it not to have quotes the TC works. But if we leave the quotes in, the TC errors out with the error - Value "1103 of column Vendor Number exceeds length in colunn definition.

The vendor number in this case is 1103704, and in the incoming file is actually "1103704". There is an option in the TC Textual Qualifier to choose Double Quotation which I thought would allow it to recognize these quotes and ignore them but it still fails.

Any suggestions or anyone with experience dealing with quote marks coming in through a TC using comma delimited?
It looks like the column properties is set to number and length to 5.
The Textual qualifier will only work if the input column is text string. If its a Numeric field then it won't work.
One solution would be to use the Event rules to trim the number and then assign it to the OC field. Also make sure that the User defined column length is wide enough.