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I'm new to developing in XE (or any OneWorld ver) so please be forgiving if I sound stupid or use a wrong term.

Here we go:
I'm trying to do some Table Conversion in XE Demo (update 1). I think I've set up all the various parts OK (Data sources,Env., OMC) and the UBE shows up all the correct fields on the mapping screen. The problem is when I try to save the UBE the machine hangs (ctrl-alt-del, Task - not responding). I've tried everything I can think of.
Could someone out there please help, Its driving me mad!



David Robertson

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Hi Jamie,

Have a look at your Debug.log and JDE.log. You may have to turn on logging in the JDE.INI file, and try it again.

The last entry in the log files should point to the reason that it's hanging. It may point pretty vaguely though.

Let me know.

OneWorld Xe Standalone with Update 1 always hangs on saving Event Rules on several IBM Thinkpads that I have tried it on. They were all running Windows 2000 and I didn't try any other configurations. RDA.EXE is listed in the Task Manager using 99% CPU forever and there are no obvious errors in the JDE.LOG or the debug log. If I create a report with no Event Rules, I can save it with no problem. I downgraded to OneWorld Xe without the Update and everything works correctly. Since the Table Conversion is basically doing a bunch of Event Rule logic when you map fields, I think you are experiencing the same issue that I saw. I think that your best option would be to install OneWorld Standalone without Update 1 or to try the new OneWorld Xe Standalone with Update 2. All Event Rules including Table Conversions work correctly on my laptop now.

James Thurman
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The problem is a known issue with regards to the
XE update 1 demo version only. If you try to change
event rules either on RDA or FDA and try to save it,
the system hangs. There are a couple of SAR's related
to it but I don't seem to remember them now. I would
call resonse line and get the demo version with update
2 and install it on your workstation or laptop.

Yathindra Rai
XE Update 2 SP 15 on AS/400, Win NT

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