Table Conversion - F0911Z1



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Hello Techies,

I have a requirement to copy F0911 batches from one environment to another.

I might use some mapping files (say F55091MAP) to map MCU from originating environment to destination environment. Suppose I want to copy from FR812 environment to TO812 environment.

1. Technical Question
a. Should I deploy the related objects (like F55091MAP) into both environment ?
b. Where should I run the table conversion? in FR812 or in TO812 ?

2. Functional Question
I will transfer the batches from FR812.F0911 to TO812.F0911Z1 and then use the inter-operability features to copy from TO812.F0911Z1 to TO812.F0911. Is there any better way exist in JDE to copy batches from one environment to another ?
Look at these 2 UBEs and see if they can help....?
R98403XA will export data to XML
R98403XB will import data but is smart! It can be set to leave existing records and only insert NEW records etc.
Thank you so much johndanter.

I will look at the said reports.

Meanwhile will you be please kind to comment on my query #1 Technical Question.
I have deployed the TC to both environments. I have deployed the supporting objects to TO812 environments, because I want to use these objects here.