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Table Conversion - F00165 - CR Problem


Hello, all.

Having a problem doing a data conversion from a standard text file into the
F00165 table (Item Note Attachments) of OneWorld 7332. We'd like our item
note attachments to read something like this:

Gauge: .0080"
Width: 3.8430"
Alloy: 70/30 BRASS
Cores: 12"
Skids: Square
Certs: CDA Alloy #260 (QQ-B-613d., Comp 260)

Some additional note here...free-form text. Could be more than one line and
could contain carriage returns.


Problem is, this text would need to contain either carriage returns or line
feeds in order to drop to the next line but the table conversion utility in
OneWorld 7332 interprets either a line feed or a carriage return as a record
delimiter. This is not a problem in many other products because they allow
you to control not only the field delimiters but the record delimiters as
well. Anyone have any idea how I could do this? We've tried fixed-length
fields but nothing doing...it still interprets the first line feed after
'Gauge: .0080"' as the end of the record.

Two other options we considered were to
1. make each line a separate input column and insert carriage returns in the
advanced ER except that that presents a problem with that last column which,
as I've said, may contain carriage returns or line feeds. I suppose I could
replace those with commas and be done with it but that's not ideal.
2. Place a tilde or some other seldom-used character to denote the end of a
line in the input file and then, again, insert carriage returns via the
Advanced ER wherever a tilde occurs.

In conclusion, (sorry it took so long to get here), I guess what I'm asking
is if there is a character which will be interpreted in the F00165 file as
the start of a new line but which will not be interpreted by the table
conversion utility as the start of a new record.

Thanks in advance,

Cory Rau

I understand that you have a variety of different items. (200 Billion
pieces shipped in the last 25 years!) Would it be feasible in your case to
use category codes rather than note attachments? If you can find common
attributes, you can categorize them in the item master and branch/plant
records. You can then use the Enterprise Report Writer to format your
printing. If you run out of category codes, you might be able to utilize
the Supplemental Information database from menu G4124.

Joe Mulrooney