Table Conversion Error TC009807


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I have a custom table conversion which is loading a single string (757) to multiple individual fields in a work file. The total of these fields is 757 and the individual length/attributes of the fields match those defined in the table conversion.

The specific problem I am having is that the UBE ends with an error in the log as follows:

TCEngine Level D:\b7\system\TCEngine\tcinit.c(711) : TCE009087 - User defined column XSUBV will not fit in buffer.

XSUBV (length 4 string) is a field in the workfile that is being populated from postions 9 to 12 in the input string.

My initial thought was that the problem was a data issue to do with the value being populated into the the output file. However, I set up the UBE in ER debugger and found that the UBE does not even get to the first line in the UBE, instead bombing out with the above message.

This TC used to work fine but now fails locally and on the server in multiple environments, despite several new packages.

I have never come across this message before - any ideas how to sort this one?