Table converion issue with quotes


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42 and are using table conversions heavily to process files coming in typically from a PSFT Billing/AR/HR system. We also process some tax related data where users in Tax are preparing a manual spreadsheet as a tab delimited file, then we have a TC that reads that file to create vouchers in JDE.

The problem we have is that sometimes we a user saves the spreadsheet, they have changed the formatting on the amount column to a format that uses commas. This causes quotes to be placed around that value in the resulting tab delimited text file and cause the table conversion to end in error.

Looking for solutions to this occasional irritating problem. We've formated a template spreadsheet for them to use but someone is always changeing the formatting intentionally or otherwise.

Is there a way to configure the Table Convesion to allow these quotes that occaasionally come in. Or is it just a matter or user education to not change the formatting.

Thanks for any input.
One way is to change the delimiter but that wont fix the problem but would decrease. There is no way you can have TC educate that you need to ignore some commas as delimiter. It would be more of user education.

I wouldn't make more work for yourself over someone's ignorance.

That said, in the past I have used a find and replace in notepad to remove such issues before.
But this was for a one off conversion, not an on going thing like this