T2 Missing from Completed GL Post - Payroll


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I'm venturing into the Apps area - so be a little patient with me, please....

Payroll comes to me this morning - showing that T1 and T3 transactions hit the GL, and the T2 transactions are missing. They show me report R05229 - which shows errors on the T2(s)...

I am told that the Payroll side of the issue appears clean - just that the T2s are missing on the GL side.

I've read that missing T2(s) are a near-common problem (is that true??)

So - the question, and remember "I AM DYSFUNCTIONAL" - what are the steps to get the T2(s) back into the GL?

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We have had an issue with T3's missing. What we do to recover them is to go into the JE with the T1 and T2's and add another JE to the batch. We get the data from the proof document and manually recreate the entry. This is the only way we have been able to figure out how to correct the issue.

That is, pretty-much, what we ended up doing - as well.

Thank you for the confirmation!