.szHostName in jdeLaunchUBEEx or jdeLaunchUBEEx2


We have a continues running UBE on one of the HostName machines checking new entries added into a custom JDE Table.
Each new entry is a UBE name and his version.
The continues running UBE is starting each of these UBE/versions each time on the HostName machine.

How can we decide to launch each of these UBE's on a different HostName (HOST01, HOST02, HOST03) then the continues running UBE.

I already tried using parameter "jdeStrcpy(dsUBEVar.szHostName, _J("xxxxx"))" in "jdeLaunchUBEEx(hUser, &dsUBEVar, ....".
As this is descripted to overwrite the current default HostName.

So xxxxx in changed each time in dsUBEVar.szHostName, _J("xxxxx") with one of the HostNames.

Result: all UBE's are still running on the default HostName and not on the one specified in the variable = overwrite default.

Any suggestions?

E9 toolsrelease 8.98.42

PS: is there a differents in use in "jdeLaunchUBEEx2"?