System 42 Archiving


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Hi List,

I just gone through the process of learning to archive system 42 tables
(F42119) etc through the JDE archive routines. I'd like to share the
following (hard learned) advice

1. The jobs MUST be run locally
2. You must be signed on as JDE to run the jobs (the jobs need permission in
Oracle (or your database) to create, drop tables). You can alternately
setup your One World profile in Oracle/your database. The jobs WILL not use
the JDE profile connected to the datasource in the too environment.
3. The programs always delete, overwite, clear, zap the information in the
too environment (they won' append information). I have asked to raise a SAR
for this but you can overcome it by modifying the program.

Xe, Oracle 8.1.6, NT

Xe, Oracle 8, NT