Switching from Active-x to HTML editors for media object attachments


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We are thinking about making the leap. Anyone chime in on the pros cons of a real world switch?

From what I research, we would lose the ability to use OLE attachments(which we don't use anyway)

Much appreciated


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We have tried the conversion in our test environment, and I can tell you that the conversion from Oracle puts extra spaces in the resulting HTML formatted text media object. In an earlier tools release, I received a POC fix from Oracle support that addressed some of the extra spacing, but I was still seeing some extra white space. This is a major issue for us, and I have an open bug #18040181 with Oracle support, but no movement on this bug for months; if you're interested in this, make it a favorite so Oracle will see more people concerned about it, and maybe they'll get this issue resolved.
The other HUGE hole with the HTML text editor from Oracle is that the Enter key is interpreted as a new paragraph instead of a new line, which results in extra space being entered every time you press the Enter key. I have an open bug #17638001 with Oracle support, and again, if you want Oracle to fix it so that the Enter key is interpreted as a new line, then please add this bug to your favorites. Their proposed work-around of pressing Shift-Enter is ridiculous; if I proposed this to our users, I'd be skinned alive! Oracle needs to wake up and make their HTML editor ready for real-world usage, and that includes addressing these two critical bugs.

All that being said, we are not going to look at switching from Active-X and its RTF format to HTML until these issues are resolved. This will also slow our adoption of their iPad E1 application, because text attachments on iPads can only be HTML.


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Well, we haven't converted / moved away from ActiveX even though we really want to. The main issue is the Text objects and the handling of Carriage Returns adding extra line(s). There is a Bug report on Oracle support for this - Bug 12973616 - but Oracle Development considers it a feature - not a bug :mad:.
Both the converter and the on-line editor do this - but - get this - the online editor behaves this way only with a IE Browser! Firefox and Chrome behave as expected.

We're trying to get ORacle to change their stance on this but so far no luck


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for others, switching from active-x to the html editor disabled the ability to uploaded excel spreadsheets by cell range. Yeah, I know you can use csv, but that would be too hard </rant>