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Hi List,

I'm about to begin a process of reviewing our technical support for One
World & was just wondering what size and mix of a team is generally needed
to keep the system ticking over nicely.

We have 150 users on a mixture of FAT + Jas clients, 3 enterprise servers (2
live, 1 test), a database server and 2 Jas servers (1 test)

Thanks in advance for your input,


Xe, Oracle 8.1.6, NT

Xe, Oracle 8, NT


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check the Downloads section of the main website for a document titled "Survey of OneWorld IS Support". Its over a year old but still pertinent I think.

FYI we here use Mfg, Financials, and Distibution for approx. 80-100 concurrent users. All clients are FAT in a single site. We have 1 Enterprise Server (HP D390) that also has the Oracle database instance resident.

We have 2.25 people dedicated to the following OneWorld related areas:
- UNIX Server admin
- Oracle DB Admin
- All OneWorld specific functions (user support, CNC admin, development, etc)

And, yes, things do tick over nicely :)


Larry Jones
OneWorld XE, SP 15.1
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials


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We currently are running OneWorld B733.2 Financials, Distribution and Manufacturng with 100+ Fat clients, 2 Enterprise Servers and one Data Server.

We have 3 people on our IS staff dedicated to working with OneWorld:
1 - CNC and Database administration
1 - Developer
1 - Application Support

This has been a successful combination for us over the last 1.5 years, but we are now considering bringing in another application person to balance some of the app. load.

DeRay Scholz
B733.2, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000



You may need a CNC, a DBA and a system Admin.
If you have more money, then get a programmer and a helpdesk.
The more people you could have, the more nicely to handle the support.
Anyway you could consider me as a valued candidate.
I am working in IT field since 1987 and has JDE training in Atlanta and
Toronto for B7331/B7332 and XE.
I am also the SQL DBA and have MCSE and MCSD from Microsoft.
Our IT budget cut 33% for this year and people are looking for escape...

Charles Wang
Database Architect / JDE Manager
Phone/Fax: (914) 723-2633

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