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Supplier Default Bank Account For Payments


Well Known Member
Hi List

I am trying to determine a method of defaulting a G/L bank account for
payment of a supplier invoice when the payment voucher is entered. Here is
my problem:

Our Brussels office has multiple bank accounts in various countries in
Europe. If we use a French supplier for goods or services we will pay the
voucher from a bank account based in France. This reduces transaction fees
for us. When I enter a voucher, the bank account defaults to the first G/L
bank account for the company that it finds (a Brussels bank account) and the
user has to manually enter the French G/L bank account number. Either this
or they change it in speed release before the payment group is created.

I am looking for a way to set up the French supplier so that when a voucher
is entered, the French G/L bank account is defaulted into the voucher. I
have tried using separate payment instrument but that does not seem to work
for me.

If anybody has done this type of thing before I would appreciate an
explanation of how you achieved it. Many thanks.


Marty Fleming
Business Analyst
Richmond Limited

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Christian Audet

Staff member

I just want to tell you that your post was moved here since the audience in this group is more on the "Application Side", I realy think that you have a better chance next time to get a answer to that type of question in this group instead of OneWorld Xe wich is more technical.

Since you normaly post by mail, let me give you the eMail address of the application board :


One World / Xe® and World-JD Edwards® Application and Business Process Discussions.

I hope that you will be able to receive a answer fast !

Christian Audet


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