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Does anyone out there use or know about the supplemental item database? We have used just about all of our Item Category Codes as I'm sure many of you have done as well.. I have heard about the Supplemental Database (menu G4124) and have been playing around with it in OW. One of my coworkers used it in World, but we can't seem to link it to the items in F4101 for Oneworld.

Does anyone know of any white papers out there for this DB for Oneworld? Also, if anyone could give me a brief description, that would be great as well. Your help is greatly appreciated...

Justin Revoredo
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OW B733.2 SP11.1 As/400 Oracle

Tim Lyons

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In Supplemental Database Setup, P00091, you would choose the Inventory by
Item code (I), then go to Work With Data Types. Here, you define the types
of supplemental data that you want to maintain about items. You can define
as manay different data types as you need; you may not use all data types
for every item. The data types basically allow you to define the column
headings that appear and also to set up UDC tables to validate certain
Once you have the data types defined, you can enter data for an item using
Supplemental Data by Item, P00092. Enter an item number, click "Find", and
you should see the various data types you created. Select the one(s) for
which you want to enter data for that item. You can enter as many rows of
data for that data type as you wish, for that particular item.
You'll notice that, after you have entered data for a data type, a green
check mark will appear in the left-hand column that normally indicates
attachments. This allows you to see quickly what types of supplemental data
has been entered for a given item.

This is a pretty quick overview; hope it is of some help.

Tim Lyons, CFPIM
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