Summary of data flow- A/P and G/L


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Please anybody help me to understand how G/L and A/P working.

As far as I know, the procedure starts with Procurement, then A/P then G/L.
- Procurement
P1- Prepare Purchase Order
P2- Record Purchase Order Receipt

-A/P & G/L
A1- Voucher will be created against P2 (Purchase Order Receipt)
A2- The transaction will be grouped to a Batch Number and Batch Type.
A3- Post batch process updates F0411(AP Ledger), then F0911(GL) and F0902(Balance)

The system do the same procedure for AR too.

Please guide me/ correct me if I am not in the correct track.


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Hi Rauf,

The procedure does start with procurement but not always but in heavy procure to pay business/environment it should be.

AP entries must be reflected in GL to have correct balances in integrity in both modules.

But GL can have standalone entries for multi reasons.

AR is completely different than AP though in terms of connectivity AP and AR technically connects in the same way with GL and updates the balances.

Hope above helps.