Suggestions for CafeOne layouts?


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I've been playing around with CafeOne and created some layouts (see below).
Anyone have any other suggestions?

Set Up Bank Account by Address (W0030AA) with (for SWIFT code validation)
Work with Addresses (W01012B) with Work with Bank Account by Address (W0030AD)
Work with Addresses (W01012B) with Work with Supplemental data (W00092D)
Work with Addresses (W01012B) with Customer Master Commission Lookup (W42140A)
Address Book Revision (W01012A) with Google Maps (one layout using the State field for US addresses, and one layout not using State which works for some international addresses)
Address Book Revision (W01012A) with USPS Zip Code Locator
Manage Existing Order (W42101C) with Work with Supply and Demand (W4021B)
Manage Existing Order (W42101C) with Work with Item Ledger (W4111A)
Manage Existing Order (W42101C) with Work with Sales Ledger Inquiry (W42025A)
Account Activity Log (W03B31G) with Work with Customer Ledger Inquiry (W03B2002A)


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Customer Ledger Inquiry (W03B2002A) with Work With Receipt Detail (W03B103B)
Work With Order Details (W4310G) with Work With Approval Status Summary (W43081C)


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For those with Manufacturing, WO Inquiry (W48013J) with WO Routing (W3112E), although the WO Routing app will lock the WO. We also created a custom WO Routing Inquiry to use in place of WO Routing for CafeOne Layouts in our installation.

Also, Work with PO Details (W4310G) with Work with Item Branch (W41026E)

Mike Mackinnon

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MRP: P3411 Work With Detail Messages
W4021B - Work With Supply and Demand; W41026C - Quantities; W41202A - Work With Item Availability

* Avoids any need to flip between screens and allow you refresh other information as you select new row line in P3411. No need to row exit, come back then select row exit again to check things like Supply/Demand.
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